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David Franke has been active in the trading market since 2015. Sign up now for free for copy trading and fully automatically copy his most successful trades and strategies.

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About David Franke and Copy Trading

Quick and easy to financial success

Copytrading is a great way to make money. It is simple, powerful and effective. David Franke and his partner Dominick Toelen are two of the best copytraders on the market. Here you will learn why copytrading is so great and how you can profit through David Franke.

The following points are decisive:

  • Sustainable profits instead of quick money
  • Highest accuracy in trading selection
  • Highly profitable, transparent copy trading system

David Franke is known from:

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The principle is as simple as it is brilliant:

Trade no matter where you are and without ever really trading

You register for free with the secure and established broker 'Roboforex' and create a trading account. This account is then linked to David Franke's account so that his profitable trades can be transferred to your account.

The trading profits go directly to your account. Afterwards, David Franke receives his 30% share of the profits every Saturday. Everything is fully automated. That's copy trading, a form of social trading.

Your safety with broker Roboforex

Participant benefits at Roboforex

Participant in the Financial Commission Compensation Fund

FSC license at Roboforex

Regulated activities: FSC license number 000138/333

Positive account balances at Roboforex

Protection against negative account balance

Quality certificate at Roboforex

Quality certificate for Verify My Trade execution

How it works

Start with copy trading quickly and non-commitally


Open trading account

Open a trading account with one of the world's most reputable brokers.


Deposit funds

Deposit your desired funds into your Roboforex trading account.


Connect account

Watch your money grow by connecting your account to ours.


David Franke's copy trading performance last year

David Franke achieved high profits with his copy trading last year. Platforms like MyFXBook and Roboforex allow anyone to easily and transparently see this performance.

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David Franke's Copy Trading System is completely free

Currently, you can easily start COPY TRADING FOR FREE with David Franke. All you need is to register. You can find the instructions on how to do this when you click the 'Start for free' button.


One-time costs

  • No obligations
  • No contract binding
  • Compound interest effect
  • Complete setup included
  • 10-20% ROI per month
  • Only 30% profit share
  • Time-limited offer
  • Entry possible from 120 EUR

How profits are split

We only make a profit when you make a profit

Surely you think that such an opportunity without prior knowledge and hours of chart analysis cannot be free. The idea behind it is quite simple and is called 'Profit Share'. This means that 70% of all profits stay with you and 30% go to David Franke and his team. Don't worry, this happens automatically every Saturday and you don't have to do anything.

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All highlights at a glance

Your benefits of copy trading with David Franke
  • Access to your money at any time

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  • 5 days

    per week

  • No own analysis

  • David Franke copy trading is possible on all devices

    Compatible with

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  • FSC regulated broker

  • Perfect


  • German support

  • No hidden costs

... and many other benefits

Start now for free with David Franke's copy trading

Sign up now for free for the Wallstreet Story Copy Trading! No monthly costs - no hidden costs

Customer opinions

What our customers are saying

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! For being able to be part of this great opportunity. You can’t make money any easier nowadays. I think everyone should participate in copytrading, especially because it's free.”

Markus B.

Since summer 2022

“Unfortunately, I've only been involved for a short time and have invested less money initially, because I wanted to test the whole thing first. In the meantime, I'm crazy with regret that I didn't invest more immediately. Thank you dear David and Domenik for this great opportunity.”

Mareike W.

Since October 2022

“I heard about the copytrading opportunity from David Franke through a friend. At first I was skeptical, but the results speak for themselves, which is why I increased my investment last week.”

Leon B.

Since November 2022

4.9 / 5 stars - average rating on Trustpilot (649 ratings)


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Start now for free with David Franke's copy trading

Sign up now for free for the Wallstreet Story Copy Trading! No monthly costs - no hidden costs

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